harmful foods we unknowingly feed our kids

harmful foods we unknowingly feed our kids

Parenting is such a herculean task, it is both difficult and amazing at the same time. Being a parent, everything you choose for your little one has to be good and the choices are difficult as you always want the best for your kids. Anything and everything about your kid is very important, especially the food. No wonder, nutritious food is essential for building a good foundation of a healthy body and mind. As a parent you always prepare the best food for your little one, but are you sure, you are giving them the right thing to eat? Here are 10 harmful foods that you might be feeding them, unknowingly. Read on to know more.

Raw milk

Milk is something very essential for kids. We never give a second thought before giving our kids a glass full of milk. We often don’t pasteurize the milk to retain the digestive enzymes and other nutrients. But do you know that children are more receptive to disease because of the weak immune system and unpasteurized milk can easily catch foodborne disease making them sick? So, raw milk should never be fed to kids below 12 years.

White bread

White bread is made up of wheat flour that contains protein gluten in high amount. This protein gluten is hard to digest, especially for kids below 6 years because they naturally have a weak digestion.


The most popular junk food, pizza is loved worldwide but do you know that it is made up of some very unhealthy ingredients. Pizza contains very high amount of saturated fat, salt and calories which are very dangerous for kids and teenagers as well.


Candies contain artificial colourings, flavours and a large amount of sugar. Kids have a weak digestive system, it is quite difficult for their system to break these sugar substitutes, which further lead to stomach ache and pain. In fact, if the candies remain in their mouth for a long time, it can cause tooth cavities, which is again harmful to both teeth and stomach.

Pastries, cookies and cakes

Pastries and cakes contain a large number of calories. They have no essential nutrients but contain lots and lots of sugar which is unhealthy. When they are so unhealthy for adults, then can you imagine, how these sweet delights will harm your kids!

Aerated drinks

This is the most dangerous thing you can ever give your kid. Aerated drinks contain a large amount of sugar and calories, which is very unhealthy. This huge amount of sugar can cause various body problems.

Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are made so colorful and tasty to grab the attention of kids, but do you know, it is one of the harmful things that they might be eating The huge amount of sugar used in these cereals can make kids restless and sick.

Microwave popcorn

The instant packed popcorns are certainly not the best thing that you can give to your kids. The 2 minute instant popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which is used so that the popcorn does not catch fire while preparing it in a microwave. This chemical can delay the process of puberty, thyroid disease and high cholesterol in kids are considered harmful.


Honey contains bacteria which can cause serious infectious disease like botulism, which is a fatal disease. Children below 2 years have a weak immune system and can easily get affected by it. So say a big no to honey for your kids.

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